Adventures with Purpose

  • Release date : 15.07.2020
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Jared Leisek - Host and creator of Adventures With Purpose set out on a mission in 2018 to remove 2000 pounds of garbage from beneath the waters of his local river. Not only did he accomplish this environmental clean-up effort in weeks, instead of months as initially planned, but he then spent the following year removing 27 Vehicles, 6 Guns, 2 Bodies, 1 Tractor, 3 Boats, 43 Scooters, 38 Bikes, 14k Pounds of Garbage... and More Insane Finds from our waterways.

Let's be real though, Jared could not have done this along as he has enlisted other not only his wife/daughters, but other volunteer divers and ground support who are now part of the Adventures With Purpose team as the recovery efforts and missions continue with a new addiction in helping families bring resolution and closure when the AWP team locates lost loved ones underwater.

If you've lost any sense of humanity and kindness for others in the world, Adventures With Purpose will restore your faith that there are some still doing good in the world today as they travel the Americas.

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Adventures with Purpose
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