FOX Weather: Daily Forecasts & Live Stream News

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Download FOX Weather to get the updates you need, straight from America’s Weather Team—for free. Forecast seven hours or even seven days in advance, chase the storm with live streams, and watch trending videos, all in one place.

FOX Weather is ready for whatever the weather brings—rain or shine.

- Check the hourly forecast for today or seven days from now.
- Update your location to get the forecast for places that are important to you.

Watch Anywhere
- Witness severe weather events live, both from your phone and your TV apps.

Live Streaming News
- Tap into the FOX network of professionals with radars, helicopters, experienced reporters, and news crews around the globe.

America’s Weather Team
- Harness the experience of seasoned experts, paired with top-of-the-line FOX digital tools, to get the updates you need, fast.

Forecast the weather, follow the news, and chase the storm with next-level accuracy. Download the app today. FOX Weather—weathering it together.

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FOX Weather: Daily Forecasts & Live Stream News
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