Haiti En Direct - Haitian & Caribbean TV Channels

  • Release date : 03.01.2022
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  • Categories : Kids & Family , International
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  • Countries : United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France
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Haiti En Direct brings you best of Haitian and Caribbean TV Channels and Radios and all available on your television. Watch +50 Live TV channels and recorded programming & never miss any program! Visit https://haitiendirect.com to sign up.

Haiti En Direct is a multimedia subscription based entertainment package that delivers live Haitian TV and Radio channels to subscribers around the World via Internet Protocol. When it launched 10 years ago in 2009, Haiti En Direct helped pioneer IPTV services not only in the Haitian Community but also in several other markets around the world as we have partnered with various companies form different regions of the world to bring high level IPTV services to their diaspora.

With over TEN years of experience under its belt, Haiti En Direct has become one of the most established, reliable and successful Haitian TV Services in history. With its constantly improving service, Haiti EN Direct offers a robust package which contains a wide variety of Haitian channels covering just about every genre.

All of Haiti En Direct's contents are delivered in standard or high quality TV and Radio which are coming to you directly from sources in Haiti and in North America.

Haiti En Direct also offers FREE DVR service for our most popular channels. This service allows subscribers to go back and view contents they may have missed 2 to 3 days prior or simply content that they like and want to watch again. Learn more at https://haitiendirect.com

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Haiti En Direct - Haitian & Caribbean TV Channels
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