Innovative Language

Want to learn a foreign language on your Roku? Welcome to Innovative Language TV - the fastest, easiest and most fun way to learn language. Learn over 30 languages & start speaking in minutes with our video lessons!More powerful than books and audio. Just watch, listen and learn from the comfort of your own home You hear the language, see it broken down on screen and best of all... you’re learning directly from real native speakers. Our lesson hosts teach you practical, everyday phrases, conversations, cultural tips and much more. In each lesson, we translate and explain the conversations, word by word, grammar point by grammar point so you can speak in minutes.With Innovative Language TV, you get over 40 hours of content from Beginner to Advanced. Just watch, listen and learn from the comfort of your own home.Innovative Language is a trusted language learning authority with 25+ online courses and over 600 language apps in on iTunes and Google Play. To learn more, visit us at

Innovative Language
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