• Release date : 26.11.2014
  • Developer by : Pureflix
  • Categories : Faith-Based
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  • Countries : United States, Canada
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"Have Faith in Your Entertainment" with the Pure Flix streaming app. Watch God-honoring, wholesome and uplifting entertainment that is safe for you and your entire family streamed clean on any device.

Only on Pure Flix, can you watch inspirational, family-friendly content that will nurture the spirit and fill the hearts of your family. From exclusive shows and movies to original, binge-worthy series, there’s no shortage of options.

With Pure Flix, here’s what you can count on:
- God-honoring original series and movies, wholesome dramas, and exclusives
- Safe, enriching content, modified for the family and for your children
- Stories that support and reflect your values provided easily on any device

Pure Flix understands that faith-informed families want entertainment that supports and strengthens their values. Because of that, Pure Flix carefully selects and streams movies and series that are free of language, sex, and violent surprises. Our hope is to provide a family-friendly, safe service that is an alternative to mainstream, secular entertainment.

Membership Includes:
✔ Unlimited Streaming
✔ HD quality available

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