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Shekinah Glory TV Network brings Biblical teachings and awareness of the presence of God all over the world. Also, bringing the joy of salvation through forgiveness of sins by accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and savior. We are committed to supporting those on the frontline of current and Spiritual events to Christ followers around the world. Shekinah Glory is a visible manifestation of God on earth, whose presence is portrayed through a natural occurrence. The word shekinah is a Hebrew name meaning “dwelling” or “one who dwells.” Shekinah Glory means “He caused to dwell,” referring to the divine presence of God. In 2020 I was preaching my Sunday message, in the middle of this message the Lord opened my eyes to see a vision of His Shekinah Glory coming down from heaven into the earth realm. It began to move all over the earth, into churches and filled the houses of the Lord. TV STARTUP has given me the opportunity to fulfill the vision to share God’s Shekinah Glory all over the world. Apostle Linda C. Shearrill

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Shekinah Glory TV Network
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