Warriors Corner

  • Release date : 25.06.2020
  • Developer by : ClipMeUp
  • Categories : Sports
  • Languages : English
  • Countries : United States, Canada, United Kingdom
  • Roku Ranking : 4.7( 198 ranking)

"Warriors Corner is a channel about combat sports. Fighting is the way to nurture your inner power, your will, and shape up the whole body. What’s your favorite kind? Boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, or maybe karate? Some think fighting sports are too aggressive but they omit the main sense of fighting – the ability to become stronger both mentally and physically.
Warriors Corner web club stored a good few worthy videos for training and motivation.
- Fighting video course for beginners.
- Tutorials from professional boxers.
- Fighting rules, philosophy, and strategy.
- Analysis of remarkable fights and fighters’ technics.
This channel has no gender limitations. Whether you are a man or a lady, you can get useful exercises for the full-body workout, psychological support, and stress relief tactics. All-in-all fighting is not just about sports, it makes you more resistant against any life challenges! Wraps on fists and tap to browse!"

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Warriors Corner
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