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Wondrium is a place where you can let your mind go. Wondrium provides an expansive collection of educational videos to help you learn about new topics. Learning new topics has never been easier.

Wondrium offers thousands of new online learning experiences, providing videos, documentaries, lessons, series, and more. With topics spanning across math, science, history, biology, crafts, art, music, personal development, chemistry, foreign language, English, French, Spanish, German, and other categories, you’ll have vast opportunities to learn what you love and love learning about it.

All our educational streaming videos are academically comprehensive, relentlessly entertaining, and led by engaging experts. If you’ve ever wondered about anything, Wondrium will be your new favorite place to go. With amazing content partners like Intelligence2, CLI Studios, Commune, Craftsy, Magellan, Kino Lorber and many more, you’re sure to find content that fits your interests.

Whether you’re a beginner in a subject or advanced in your knowledge and skills, whether you want to begin binge-learning deeply on one topic or sample a few select categories, there’s something here for you. Whether your interest is watching documentaries; discovering the latest breakthroughs in science, math, biology, or chemistry; or learning photography, piano, knitting, painting, French, Spanish, German, or anything in between, there’s something here for you.

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